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Former department of Undergraduate Studies

Student Learning Goals

  1. Recognizes and summarizes impact and intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality.
  2. Identifies and articulates one’s social location in a complex, structurally unequal, and often contradictory world.
  3. Displays familiarity with multiple perspectives, employs other interpretations, and considers a range of human experiences in analysis.
  4. Identifies and assesses social norms and assumptions and envisions alternative social norms and practices.
  5. Asks critical questions and formulates a relevant research plan; accesses information tools to get relevant answers.
  6. Can articulate and utilize the basic tools and texts of the interdiscipline.
  7. Examines the influence of historical context on the formation of local, national, and global political and social narratives.
  8. Active and critical verbal and/or written discussion of issues from scholarly sources.