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Former department of Undergraduate Courses

W St Course Descriptions

Course titles link to sample syllabi from past courses. See the WSU Catalog for the most current list of women’s studies (W St/Women St) courses, or visit the Schedules of Classes to learn what’s being offered and when.

Please note: When assessing prerequisites, W St 200 may be substituted for W St 101 or 201.

100-Level Courses

W St 101: Gender and Power: Introduction to Women’s Studies (3) [DIVR] [S,D]
Analysis of gender and power in contemporary society from perspectives of different racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.
This introductory course aims to increase awareness of our cultural assumptions about gender and the implications of female and male ideals, roles, and expectations. Basic social concepts will be explored, such as the social construction of identities, discrimination, stereotypes, work, family, relationships, and power. Analyses of several issues will be presented, including the interface between race and gender, socialization into gender roles, sexuality, media images, violence against women, and reproductive choice.

W St 120: Sex, Race, and Reproduction in Global Health Politics (3) [DIVR]
Examination of how cultures, institutions, states, and economies influence reproductive health inequalities around gender, sexuality, race, class, and national identity. Same as CES 120. Typically offered Fall.

200-Level Courses

W St 201: Critical Frameworks in Gender Studies (3)
Critical frameworks that interrogate gender discrimination and explore gender justice from an intersectional and interdisciplinary perspective. Typically offered Spring.

W St 204: Family Systems: Understanding Family Interaction (3) [SSCI] [S]
Introduction to the study of family processes: family generational, emotional, boundary, rule, and ritualistic systems. Same as H D 204.

W St 211: Sex Matters: Introduction to Queer Culture and Literature (3) [HUM] [H]
Introduction to Lesbian/queer cultural production focusing on popular culture, fiction, and film; work from various queer communities in its cultural/historical context. Same as English 211.

W St 214: Gender and Culture in America (3) [SSCI] [S,D]
Exploration or variation in gender roles, relationships, values, and institutions among men and women in US, ethnic, and other subcultures. Same as Anth 214.

W St 216: American Cultures (3) [S,D] | summer offering
Introduction to the interdisciplinary study of American cultures and the field of American studies. Same as Am St/English/History 216.

W St 220: Gender, Culture, and Science (3) [DIVR] [S,D]
Analysis of intersections of gender, sexuality, race, and culture with science and technology.
This course will uncover women and also men of color and their work in science across the globe, question why their numbers are so few, explore socializations across cultures, examine how science has defined gender, study the climate in the sciences and ideological bases of science, and learn of other approaches to the construction of knowledge.

W St 230: Human Sexuality (3)
Sexuality in personal development; personal, cultural, biological influences on sexual identification and behavior; fertility, reproduction, sexual functioning, sexuality and personality. Same as Psych 230. Recommended preparation: Psych 105.

W St 235: African American History (3) [H,D]
History of African Americans in the US with emphasis upon major themes of the Black experience. Same as CES 235 and History 205.

W St 251: The Sociology of Sex, Relationships, and Marriage 3 [S,D]
Social and personal factors in mate selection; the sociology of sexuality; development of gender roles; and intimate relationships and marriage. Same as Soc 251.

W St 277: Special Topics: Study Abroad (V 1-15)
May be repeated for credit. S, F grading.

W St 298: History of Women in American Society (3) [DIVR] [S,D]
Exploration of the many roles women have played in American society from the Colonial period through the twentieth century. Same as History 298.

300-Level Courses

W St 300: Intersections of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality (3) [DIVR] [S] [M]
Course Prerequisite: CES 101, 201, Soc 101, W St 101, or 201. Intersections between race, class, and gender through case studies; experiences in interdisciplinary methods. Same as CES/Soc 300. Typically offered Fall, Spring, and Summer.

W St 302: Contemporary Masculinities (3) [S,D]
Analysis of the development of masculinity in its biological and cultural forms. Same as CES 305, Soc 302.

W St 305: Gender and Politics (3) [S]
Role of gender in political behavior; voting and political participation; women as subjects and objects of political systems. Same as Pol S 305.

W St 306: Introduction to Literary Criticism (3) [H] [M]
Introduction to the systematic study of critical and theoretical approaches to literature; emphasis on problems of interpretation. Same as English 308.

W St 308: Women Artists I (3) [H] [M]
Middle Ages through the 18th century. Same as Fine Art 308.

W St 309: Women Writers (3) [H]
Women’s artistic and intellectual contributions to prose, fiction, drama, and poetry. Same as English 309.

W St 310: Women Artists II (3) [H] [M]
19th to 20th century. Same as Fine Art 310.
A survey of women in art in the 20th century. The course will explore chronologically by decade the social, cultural, and economic factors that have influenced the position of women in the visual arts from the turn of the century to the present. Bibliographies and imagery development will be explored through historical context (art movements, styles, politics).

W St 315: Women in Management and Leadership (3) [S,D]
Analysis of women’s historical and contemporary role in American management. Same as Mgmt 315.
Focus on what the future holds for women in management and leadership roles locally and globally. Readings are both theory and application based. No prerequisite. Interdisciplinary background helpful.

W St 316: Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective (3) [DIVR] [K]
Cross-cultural examination of the status and roles of women and men, sexuality and marriage, and folk concepts of sexual anatomy in traditional cultures in Western science; concepts of nature and culture are explored through a variety of perspectives. Same as Anth 316. Recommended preparation: Sophomore standing; Anth 101, Psych 105, Soc 101, or W St 101, 200, or 201.

W St 317: Gay and Lesbian Literature (3) [H,D]
Gay and lesbian literature with focus on the history of homosexual literature and exploration of current authors. Same as English 317.

W St 320: Resource Management, Consumerism, and Problem Solving (3) [M]
Course Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Styles of managing material, human, and environmental resources with families; analysis of consumer role; interaction of consumers, government, market: various approaches to problem solving with individuals and families; effects on communities, families, and individuals. Same as H D 320.

W St 321: Topics in Women’s Studies (V 1-3)
May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 9 hours. Focused study of subjects/issues relating to women.
Topics is used to offer students in-depth exposure to various issues or subjects that are not covered through the regular curriculum.

W St 322: Gender and Love in East Asian Culture (3) [G] [M]
The theme of gender with respect to love, courage, self-sacrifice, and vulnerability in traditional Chinese and Japanese literature and culture. Same as Chinese/Asia/Japanese 321.

W St 324: Psychology of Women (3) [S,D]
Contemporary overview of the psychological theory and research on sex and gender. Same as Psych 324. Recommended preparation: Psych 105.

W St 332: Global Feminisms (3) [I]
Course Prerequisite: Anth 101, W St 101, W St 200, or W St 201. An interdisciplinary approach to examining women’s roles and experiences throughout the world and different approaches to feminism/feminisms. Same as Anth 317.

W St 335: Women in Latin American History (3) [K]
Survey of women’s changing roles throughout Latin America from pre-colonial to present. Same as History 335.

W St 336: History of Sexualities (3) [H,D]
Historical analysis of the social construction of sexualities in intersection with race and class within national and transnational contexts. Same as History 336.

W St 337: Women in the Ancient World (3) [H]
Role of women in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Israel, Greece, and Rome; focus on the formation of western attitudes toward women. Same as History 337.

W St 338: Women and Popular Culture (3) [HUM] [H,D]
Intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality through popular film, television, art, literature, and performance. Typically offered Spring.

W St 340: Third World Women and Film (3) [I]
Focus on the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, and nation in “third world” women’s films.

W St 350: European Women’s History, 1400–1800 (3) [S]
Women’s experiences in Europe from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment and the ideas and roles that shaped their opportunities. Same as History 350.

W St 351: The Family (3) [DIVR] [S,D]
Family system and its interaction patterns; family formation and dissolution; marital and partner relations, divorce, sexuality, parenting, work-family balance. Same as Soc 351. Recommended preparation: Soc 101.

W St 363: Women in Music (3) [DIVR] [G,D]
Intersections of gender, class, race, and culture with popular and country music. Same as Mus 363.

W St 369: Queer Identities in Contemporary Cultures (3) [ARTS] [H,D]
Course Prerequisite: CES 101, CES 201, W St 101, W St 200, or W St 201. Analysis of roots/legacies of creative resistance writing by Queer communities of color; students learn to produce creative resistance work. Same as CES 309.

W St 372: Indigenous Women in Traditional and Contemporary Societies (3) [S,D]
Course Prerequisite: One of Anth 101, 214, CES 101, 171, W St 101, 200, 201. Exploration of roles and activities of women in indigenous societies; how traditional gender roles have developed and changed. Same as CES 372, Anth 312.

W St 382: American Literature: 1940–Present (3)
Course Prerequisite: English 302. Advanced study of major authors and movements from the period including O’Connor, Bellow, Salinger, Baldwin, Pynchon, Morrison, Tan, and Alexie. Same as English 482.

W St 384: Sociology of Gender (3) [S,D]
Construction and maintenance of gender and gender inequality in American society. Same as Soc 384. Recommended preparation: Soc 101.
Biological and social causes and effects of sex role socialization; male/female relationships including discriminatory practices, prostitution, and rape.

W St 390: Gender and Work (3) [S,D]
Gender and inequality at work including occupational segregation, wage inequality, and balancing work and family. Same as Soc 390.

W St 398: History of Women in the American West (3) [DIVR] [H,D]
The multicultural history of women in the west through women’s literature, archives, and oral history. Same as History 398.

W St 399: Lesbian and Gay History: Culture, Politics, and Social Change in the US (3) [DIVR] [H,D]
History and theory of same-sex sexuality in the United States including identity formation, community development, politics and culture. Same as History 399.

400-Level Courses

W St 403: Violence Toward Women (3) [CAPS] [T]
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Violence toward women and its relationship to broader social issues such as sexism and social control. Same as Crm J 403.

W St 405: Contemporary Art: Theory and Practice (3) [M]
Contemporary theories of art and how those theories are developed. Same as Fine Art 405.
This course addresses the complex interrelationships of gender, race, class and representation in contemporary art.

W St 406: Women and Work in Global Contexts (3) [T]
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. An interdisciplinary approach to women’s labor in global contexts that analyzes differences among women as well as possible shared interests.

W St 407: Biology of Women (3) [BSCI] [T]
Course Prerequisite: Biology 102 or 106; junior standing. Biological basis of sex and its relationship to body function, women and health care, and the impact of social and cultural perspectives on the experience of being female. Same as Biology 407.

W St 408: Introduction to Critical Race Feminism (3) [T,D]
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Studies structural inequalities in the US through historically grounded analysis of social systems, race, gender, and the law. Same as CES 408.

W St 409: Women Writers in the American West (3) [T]
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Diversity of writings by women in the trans-Missouri West from the 1890s to the present. Same as English 409.

W St 410: Internship (V 1-12)
May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 12 hours. Course Prerequisite: W St 101, 200, or 201; W St 300 with a B or better, or 481 with a B or better; by interview only. Supervised experience in approved campus or community agencies or projects focusing on women’s issues.
Students work with approved agencies or projects focusing on women’s issues. Students develop a heightened understanding of women’s studies theory, gain employment experience, and establish contact with professionals in the field. Internship possibilities are many, depending on the student’s interest and the semester credit hours. Examples are public relations, legal research and advocacy, sexual assault prevention education, sexual orientation education, university curriculum revision, management of a retail outlet, grassroots organization, aide to a member of the legislature, and political campaign management. Students can translate internship experience into corresponding careers in public relations, law, teaching, management, marketing, politics, and more.

W St 411: Asian Pacific American Women (3) [T,D]
Course Prerequisite: CES or W St course; junior standing. Intersection of ethnicity, race, class, gender, and sexuality in the lives of Asian Pacific American women. Same as CES 411.

W St 421: The American West (3)
Multicultural exploration of the frontier experience and western America; environment, economic development, gender, class, and race emphasized. Same as History 421. Offered at 400 and 500 level.

W St 425: Philosophy and Feminism (3) [T,D]
Course Prerequisite: 3 hours Phil, W St 101, W St 200, or W St 201. Feminist philosophy as critique of Western philosophical tradition and as alternate framework for thought. Same as Phil 425.

W St 435: African American Women in US Society (3) [T,D]
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Critical terms and models for understanding the experiences of African American women in antebellum America to the present; an interdisciplinary forum concerned with the national experience of the African American woman experience. Same as CES 435.

W St 454: La Chicana in US Society (3) [T] | online/summer offering
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Intersections of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation in the experience of a marginalized group – Chicanas. Same as CES 454.

W St 460: Gender, Race, and Nature in American Culture (3) [T]
Course Prerequisite: W St 101, 200, 201, or 300; junior standing. Exploration of American culture through examination of cultural representations of nature in mainstream and environmental politics.

W St 462: Women and Ethics (3) [M]
Course Prerequisite: Phil 101, W St 101, W St 200, or W St 201. Study of gender and feminism and their effect on contemporary ethical theories and issues. Same as Phil 462. Cooperative: Open to UI degree-seeking students.

W St 464: Gender and the Media (3)
Course Prerequisite: Com 101, W St 101, W St 200, or W St 201; certified major or minor in communication. How news and entertainment media shape and reinforce societal expectations of gender; consideration of race, age, class, and sexual orientation. Same as Com 464.

W St 477: Special Topics: Study Abroad (V 1-15)
May be repeated for credit. S, F grading.

W St 481: Theoretical Issues in Women’s Studies (3) [M]
Course Prerequisite: W St 101, 200, 201, or 300. Introduction to the field of feminist theory, including classic interdisciplinary methods, and applications of this scholarship to contemporary women’s issues.

W St 484: Lesbian and Gay Studies (3) [DIVR] [T,D]
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Interdisciplinary exploration of issues related to gender and sexuality, explored transhistorically and cross-culturally, including race, class, and age differences. Same as Soc 484.

W St 485: Theoretical Issues in Gay and Lesbian Studies (3) [M]
Course Prerequisite: W St 484 or 300-400-level W St course. Theoretical construction and interpretation of sexualities, gender, and identity.
This course crosses historical, cultural, disciplinary, gender, orientation, class, and other boundaries to examine comprehensively how sexual identity is constituted, maintained, and legislated in a variety of contexts.

W St 489: Everyday Struggles for Justice and Equality (3) [CAPS]
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Investigation of everyday realities of racism, sexism, and heterosexism; applied research; communication of findings through new and/or creative media. Same as CES 489.

W St 499: Special Problems (V 1-4)
May be repeated for credit. Independent study conducted under the jurisdiction of an approving faculty member; may include independent research studies in technical or specialized problems; selection and analysis of specified readings; development of a creative project; or field experiences. S, F grading.