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Former department of Undergraduate Courses

Am St Course Descriptions

Course titles link to sample syllabi from past courses where available. See the WSU Catalog for the most current list of American studies (Am St/Amer St) courses, or visit the Schedules of Classes to learn what’s being offered and when.

See the graduate courses page for American studies offerings numbered 500 and above.

Am St 216: American Cultures (3) [S,D] | summer offering
Introduction to the interdisciplinary study of American cultures and the field of American studies. Same as English 216, History 216, W St 216.

Am St 470: Literature and Culture of the American West (3) [T]
May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 6 hours. Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Cultural exploration of American West in written texts; outsider and insider versions of reality and imagination of its diverse peoples. Same as English 470.

Am St 471:Cultural Politics Since World War II (3) [T]
American popular culture, politics and culture of the 1960s, or topics in recent cultural politics.

Am St 472: Ecological Issues and American Nature Writing (3) [T]
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Representation of nature in American fiction and nonfiction; role of culture in shaping environmental problems and solutions. Same as English 472.

Am St 473: Arts in American Cultures (3) [T,D]
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Exploration of visual culture—from fine arts to advertising—as a political, sociological, psychological, and philosophical influence in 20th-century American cultures.

Am St 474: Social Movements and US Culture (3) [T,D]
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Cultural impact of selected social movements such as abolition, populism, labor, women’s, ethnic power, gay/lesbian, and anti-globalization.

Am St 475: Digital Diversity (3) [T,D]
Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Cultural impact of electronic media, especially the World-Wide Web; issues of race, class, gender, sexuality online. Same as DTC 475, English 475.