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Department of Critical Culture, Gender, & Race Studies CCGRS News

Professor quoted in New York Times

Dr. David J. Leonard was quoted in a recent New York Times article, “Without Release of Video, Police Shooting of White Driver Gets Less Publicity.”

…David J. Leonard, an associate professor and chairman of the department of critical culture, gender and race studies at Washington State University, said that despite highly publicized cases like the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Freddie Gray in Baltimore, many questionable deaths of minorities still received little attention.

“There are countless other cases involving African-Americans in the past year that have not received coverage anywhere near the level of Zachary Hammond,” Professor Leonard said. Yet he … » More …

News from Jorge E. Moraga

This past summer, Jorge E. Moraga (Ph.D. candidate, American studies) received a Smithsonian Institution Fellowship. As a graduate fellow for the Latino Museum Studies Program, he conducted archival research to an upcoming exhibit titled “Many Voices, One Nation” housed in the Division of Home and Community Life at the National Museum of American History (NMAH). He also presented a chapter of his dissertation as part of the NMAH Tuesday Colloquium series. His talk was titled “Striking Out Legacies, Stealing Home Memories: The Cultural Politics of Remembering Peloteros in Major League Baseball.”

Professor contributes to Mujeres Talk blog

Dr. Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo (CCGRS) and Dr. Cheris Brewer Current (Ph.D. ’07, American studies), now associate professor of sociology and social work at Walla Walla University, have published “Las dos alas de un pájaro: The Cuban Refugee Program and Operation Bootstrap” on the Mujeres Talk blog.

Cuba y Puerto Rico son
(Cuba and Puerto Rico are)

De un pájaro las dos alas,
(Two birds of a feather)

Reciben flores y balas
(They receive flowers and bullets)

Sobre el mismo corazón…
(Over the same heart…)

—From Mi libro de Cuba by Lola Rodríguez de Tió

One Bird, Two … » More …

Professor publishes on speech and empire

Dr. Nishant Shahani

Dr. Nishant Shahani’s essay “‘I have a Voice’: Speech, Silence, and the Rehabilitation of Empire” has been published online in Postcolonial Studies (Routledge: Taylor & Francis, July 2015). The print version comes out in the fall issue (Volume 18, Issue 2).

From the abstract: “This article grapples with the performativity of speech as a crucial site through which empire brings into being that which it names. I offer a critique of reading (and rehabilitating) empire as a mild and benign force in conjunction with the popularity of the film The King’s Speech (2010) which, I argue, … » More …

Professor takes critical look at Amy Schumer

Dr. David J. Leonard

Dr. David J. Leonard has coauthored, with Stacey Patton, “Don’t believe her defenders. Amy Schumer’s jokes are racist,” published July 6, 2015, in the Washington Post’s PostEverything section.

The essay argues that Schumer draws on “cultural stereotypes and use[s] dehumanizing language that gives life to an ecosystem of racial fear and violence.”

Read full article »

Professor offers context for Dylann Roof story

Dr. Richard King’s expertise was sought by The Stranger for an article titled “Dylann Roof and His Fascination with a Seattle-Based White Power Group,” published June 30, 2015. In it he provides context regarding the prevalence of white power groups and racism in modern culture.

Read full article »

A history of hate rock from Johnny Rebel to Dylann Roof

A recent article in The Nation called on Dr. Richard King’s expertise in white supremacist culture, also referencing Beyond Hate: White Power and Popular Culture, which King coauthored with Dr. David J. Leonard.

A History of Hate Rock from Johnny Rebel to Dylann Roof
One of the most powerful tools white power groups use to spread their ideology to young people is music.
By Zoë Carpenter

What makes a young man a racist killer? Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old charged for the murder of nine people at a historic black church in Charleston last week, was “normal,” his cousin told a reporter, “until he started listening … » More …

How Instagram made basketball fans see black dads

A recent article in The Nation called on Dr. David Leonard’s expertise in race and sport, specifically the NBA.

How Instagram Made Basketball Fans See Black Dads
Players are providing lasting examples of loving relationships with their children that debunk decades of racist narratives about their absence.
By Jamilah King

The NBA, a league filled with young, wealthy black men, seems like the perfect place to celebrate black fatherhood. Instead, for decades NBA dads have been cultural punching bags, celebrity straw men for arguments about the pathology of black families. But this season, which concluded this week with the Golden State Warriors’ historic championship, … » More …

Spring 2015 News Review

Dr. Pamela Thoma has been awarded an Edward R. Meyer Project Grant by the WSU College of Arts and Sciences.
Lucia Soriano, Ruben Zecena, Sophia Stephens, and Angie Winkle have been awarded scholarships by the WSU College of Arts and Sciences. Zecena was also awarded a Gabriel Cardenas Scholarship.
Dr. C. Richard King has been named a WSU Humanities Fellow for the 2015–2016 academic year.
The following CCGRS students and faculty will present papers at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association annual conference, held April 1–4 in New Orleans:

Dr. Michael Johnson (instructor) will present “Familial Arrhythmias in the Reynolds … » More …