Jorge E. Moraga has published “Remembering Super Bowl 50 through a Mestiz@ Sport Consciousness” on the Sport in American History blog.

Remembering Super Bowl 50 through a Mestiz@ Sport Consciousness

On Saturday February 6, comedian Conan O’Brien commenced Super Bowl 50 by hosting the 5th annual NFL Honors. From introducing the evening’s purpose to be just like the Oscars, ‘if the Oscars nominated black people’, to later reviewing one of the ‘greatest plays’ of the 2015 regular season (when the entire St. Louis Rams franchise relocated to Los Angeles), O’Brien’s 11:02 opening monologue was a humorous, yet necessary critique to the permeation of raced and classed politics in U.S media and sport. The annual event drew in some of the National Football League’s greatest players, coaches, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees, and Hollywood stars alike. Even Commissioner Roger Goodell showed up. Read full blog entry »